There are too many routes to name them all… here are a few proposed routes taking in consideration the popularity and recommendations received from guests regarding previous tours and information from archives.

Table Mountain Routes:

Difference between scrambling and climbing

The difference between scrambling and climbing is more difficult to define. One man’s scramble might be another man’s climb.

Scrambling over easy rock terrain uses the same movement skills as rock climbing.

Scrambling is simply climbing an easy rock face or section of mountain without a rope or other technical climbing gear.

Scrambling lies between hiking and technical rock climbing. Perhaps the best way to differentiate it from hiking is that you use your hands for balance and pulling up when you scramble. It’s sometimes called rock scrambling or alpine scrambling.

Your guide always brings a hiking rope along on a scrambling/hiking route in the mountains because it might be needed for safety and your peace of mind when moving over or up a challenging section of the route.

For example, if a member in the group becomes anxious from exposure or the weather turns and the rock gets treacherously wet. One distinction between scrambling and rock climbing is that scramblers usually use handholds for balance whereas climbers use them to hold and pull body weight.