The Diagonal Route up to Table Mountain is the perfect trail for a person who prefers the quieter trails. It is rather strenuous in sections (starting with steep zig-zag past Porcupine Overhang before ascending up Porcupine Ravine) but truly a great hike with beautiful views of the Atlantic Seaboard and Lions Head in the distance.

The route takes approximately 2 hours to get to the top of the ravine and you can choose from various surrounding trails to descend or proceed to Top Cable Station via Valley of the Red Gods or Kitchen Ravine to the Top Table. Turn-off for this route is along the Pipe Track (see description of Pipe Track at Kasteelspoort route)

Heading up Porcupine Ravine will be a scramble! It is steep, involves a fair bit of climbing and you will need both hands free to do it. It is a 4-5 hours hike from start at Kloofnek parking area to Top Cable Way or descending via another route to start at Kloofnek parking.