This route starts at Kloof Corner on Tafelberg Road and zig-zags up to a contour path.

The scramble route starts up the chains about 50m left of Kloof Corner. The “escape route” for those who don’t like the chains is to go along the contour path and up India Venster, and then traverse across to Kloof Corner gully. 

Ascend the steep gully to the window overlooking Cairn Ravine. To the left there is nice overhang to take a breather before tackling the chain section in an open book rock formation. Following the ridge from there and doing some boulder hopping until the famous “11 inch crack” arrives. Not truly 11 inches but people with large builds should rather avoid this route.

It is a wriggle to get in and up this crack using tiny hand and feet holds but quite exciting. The reward is a great view of Cape Town way below from this exposed boulder.

From here the descent can be via India Venster route or ascend via Fountain Ledge to top Cable Way and descend with cable cart.